Lameness/Poor Performance Workup

Horses which require a lameness investigation are usually referred into Kings Park Equine Clinic. The clinic caters for thorough analysis and workup of single or multi-limb lameness through the use of a 35metre concrete indoor and outdoor trot up surface aswell as x 2 lunging arenas (one crushed rock and the other a synthetic surface). Nerve blocks can be safely carried out in the clinic before re-examination begins. Radiography, thermography and ultrasonography can be performed in the standing horse once the nerve block analysis is completed.

Horses which require upper respiratory investigation can be examined stationary with our video-endoscope or during exercise with our dynamic endoscope on the treadmill or been ridden in the arenas.

Horses can also have a full poor performance package which includes a through lameness investigation, blood analysis, ECG and dynamic endoscopy.