Pre-Purchase Exams


Pre-purchase examinations can be performed 7 days a week for racehorses sold domestically or internationally. We follow the standard vetting proforma for the specific country of embarkation for racehorses vetted for:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Macau
  • Korea

We are based at all major yearling sales in Australia providing on hand endoscopic, clinical and radiography services to trainers/owners and international agents.

Note: Dr. Mason is considered an expert on the pre-import requirements for Hong Kong as he spent over 6 years working for the top trainers at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.


Pre-purchase examinations on all equestrian horses follow the internationally accredited British Equine Veterinary Association vetting proforma. We can provide a comprehensive clinical exam, lameness exam including lunge and ridden tests as well as screening radiography, ultrasonography, electrocardiography, endoscopy and drug screening for any equestrian horse presented for one of our vetting procedures.

Pre Purchase Exams

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