Poor Performance Evaluations with CEVS.

Tue, 7th Jun 2016

Is your horse under performing? Has something changed and you can’t quite figure out why?


Let us help. There are many conditions that may be contributing to poor performance in your horse. Our aim, as veterinarians, is to identify any abnormalities and establish whether or not they are resulting in poor performance. We take a measured and systematic approach to these cases, as theses cases are often resolved through a process of elimination we start with the most likely of causes and work back from there.

A full range of diagnostics is offered as part of a complete poor performance evaluation.

• A full history is taken.
• Full health check including physical examinations.
• Blood profile.
• Lameness examination.
• Blood lactate tests.
• Dynamic respiratory endoscopy.
• Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Please contact Crown Equine on 03 9775 4374 or email us at

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Poor Performance Evaluations with CEVS.

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