Dynamic Respiratory Endoscopy

Fri, 22nd Apr 2016

Our state of the art Optomed remote Dynamic Respiratory Scope (DRS) is an invaluable tool for the diagnosis and treatment of equine upper airway disease - a common cause of poor performance in the equine athlete (show jumper, dressage,evener, racehorse, cutter).
The DRS enables the vet to assess remotely, the horse upper airway during normal exercise. This can be performed across any discipline and shows a real time image that allows post-exercise analysis to determine the causes of airway obstruction. The DRS is portable, pain free and can dramatically reduces the time required to make a diagnosis.
This can be used at any location from racetrack to arena. DRS is also offered as part of our standard PPE’s at Crown Equine, upon request.

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Dynamic Respiratory Endoscopy

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