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In our Opinion

A full set is a great addition to any busy horse yard or veterinary hospital.


Ocushields are a single, fully enclosed, eye cover designed by the veterinarians at CEVS and handcrafted by the team in Australia.

Advantages - protects & prevents light, wind and dust in an already compromised eye. Hastens recovery from corneal ulcers, uveitis, conjunctivitis and horses which have undergone post eye-surgery.

Designed to be secure on the head aswell as comfortable. The eye cover is made of tough mounded PCV and elevated away from the eye globe to ensure natural blinking is unaffected. The cover is gently padded against the head to prevent any rubbing around the
 eye socket and the black stitching ensures complete darkness, to aid rapid healing. The hood and jowl cover is made of quality stretching lycra fabrics and there is an adjustable double clip under the mandible to secure the cover to the horse’s head.

The Ocushield can be hand washed and used time, and time again.

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